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Limestone Gravels and Sand

Limestone Gravels and Sand

Limestone #57 Crushed Gravel

About 3/4″ in size, is used for driveways, landscaping, backfill and drainage to include French drains.

$34.50 / scoop

Limestone DGA

DGA (Dense Graded Aggregate) with a distribution of sizes and sufficient mineral dust, to obtain the maximum stability for a construction base.

$34.50 / scoop

Limestone Class I

Class I is used as the screed layer for paver installation.

$34.50 / scoop

Limestone #9 Crushed Gravel

Used as a paver base, swimming pool backfill, and for walking paths.

$34.50 / scoop

Limestone #2 Crushed Gravel

Used for drainage, fill and base.

$34.50 / scoop

Mortar Sand

Ground granite used in concrete and mortar; also used in horse arenas.

$45.00 / scoop

Brick Sand

Decorative finely ground red brick made from brick 2nds. It’s an inert material so there is no change in soil ph when it rains. This is why it’s used in horse paddocks, and baseball diamonds as well as mortar for pavers.

$140.00 / scoop

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