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Where to Buy Mulch in Georgetown, Kentucky

Looking for mulch in Georgetown, KY? Let Landscape Alternatives help you get informed about your options!

Central Kentucky has a wealth of small towns to enjoy. In contrast to the rocky, mountainous terrain of Eastern Kentucky, Central Kentucky has the green, rolling hills and bluegrass that are characteristic of horse farm country. Georgetown is a great example of one of these small, Central Kentucky towns, with a few of the amenities that can be enjoyed in larger cities in the region, such as Lexington, as well. If you are looking to make your home in Georgetown, let the experts at Landscape Alternatives tell you a little bit about the area, and how we can help you put down roots there!

Small Town, Big Opportunities

While Georgetown’s quaint, historic downtown may make you feel like you’re in any small town in the area, make no mistake: Georgetown has a lot to offer. For anyone looking to start a family, your children would automatically have higher education options, as Georgetown is the home of Georgetown College, a private, liberal arts college with a rich history. Georgetown College was the first college of Baptist religious affiliation to be founded west of the Allegheny Mountains, and you can still feel that history on its campus today.

For the working adult, Georgetown is also full of opportunities. Japanese motor company Toyota opened its first American-owned plant in Georgetown, and it employs a large swath of the town’s population. This relationship gives Georgetown a unique cultural flair, as you get both Kentucky’s idiosyncratic blend of Midwestern, Southern, and Appalachian cultures, as well as a dash of Japan from Toyota’s influence on the town. Georgetown even has a Japanese-style garden, Yuko-en on the Elkhorn, to celebrate this friendship between Kentucky and Japan. Any way you slice it, Georgetown is the ideal home for anyone looking to build a life in Central Kentucky.

From the Ground Up

Now that we’ve sold you on Georgetown, you have to make some crucial decisions: What kind of house do you want? What neighborhood do you want to live in? While these decisions are ultimately yours, we do want to help you with one decision: where to buy your landscaping supplies. At Landscape Alternatives, we aim to provide you with all of the professional know-how you need to truly get the landscaping of your dreams. Schedule a complimentary landscaping consultation with our trained professionals and get started on your next project.

Once you’ve gotten started, Landscape Alternatives is your one-stop shop for the mulch and stone you need. Want to make a space for the backyard jungle gym your kids have been wishing for? We have just the playground chips you’d need, at an affordable price you’ll love. Want to make a classy walkway? We also have natural stone and boulders that will make you feel like you’re living in a fairy tale cottage.

Whatever your project or landscaping needs, Landscape Alternatives has you covered, whether you are in Georgetown, Kentucky, or in the greater Lexington area.

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